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About this project:

Please keep in mind that this is a begginer's project. Some years ago I made a very similar game using a youtube tutorial, but I was only copying all I was seeing on the video, so I really didn't learn anything. However, I have just finished a beginner's unity online course, so I decided to do a remake of that game with the knowlege that I just gained. That is the background story of this game.

Gameplay info:

Use the Spacebar (or A if using Xbox 360 controller) on Windows or your finger (or Left Click if using Android TV) on Android to jump. Use the Escape button of the keyboard (or B if using Xbox 360 controller) on Windows or the Back button of the phone (or Right Click if using Android TV) on Android to pause the game. You gain points by getting stars and by surviving more time. There are five different stars, from five pointed to nine pointed, and their values go from 20 to 100 with a difference of 20 between them. The highscore and the volumes of the music and the sounds are saved when you exit the game. Thanks for playing and enjoy!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aMaze_13

Install instructions

Android: Transfer the .apk file to your phone, and execute it from there to install the game.

Windows: Unzip the .zip file and execute the "Definitive Runner.exe" file to play the game.


Definitive Runner.apk 29 MB
Definitive Runner.zip 22 MB

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